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JiDion is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is famous for his vlogs, comedic content and public prank videos. He was born on 12 December 2000 and has an American nationality as well as belief in the Christian religion. He is a member of Prime Squad, a group of influencers created by Logan Paul.

JiDion Age

JiDion is a well-known YouTube content creator who has achieved massive popularity on the video platform. He is famous for his humorous content published on his self-titled channel. His videos show him playing pranks and messing with passers-by. He was born in the United States on 12 December 2000 and has an American nationality. He also has an African American ancestry. JiDion’s channel has more than 2.95 million subscribers.

This YouTube star began his career in 2018 and has become an internet celebrity by posting comedic content and pranks on digital sites. His early videos did not get much traction but after he switched his genre to pranking, his channel started to grow fast. He has earned a considerable amount of money from YouTube ads, merchandise sales, and other business ventures. His real name is Jidon Adams and he has an average height and body weight. He has black hair and dark brown eyes. He has a good sense of humor and he loves to make people laugh. He has also been involved in various pranks with his friends and has shared many of them on his YouTube channel.

JiDion has a wide network of followers on his social media accounts and is an active contributor to several blogs. He also likes to share his opinions and views about different topics. His videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube and other platforms. Besides YouTube, he has been active on TikTok and Instagram. He has a positive outlook on life and is an optimistic person. He believes that one can achieve anything if they try hard enough. Moreover, he loves to spend time with his family.

JiDion Height

JiDion is a popular YouTuber who has gained popularity for his comedic videos. He was born in the United States in 2000 and has amassed a large following for his videos. He is known for his hilarious pranks and his ability to make people laugh. He has earned a considerable amount of money from his videos and has also invested in various business ventures. Jidion is a tall man with black hair and brown eyes. He stands 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 84 kilograms. He has a muscular build and wears a durag on his head. His body measurements are unknown and his shoe size is 10. He is a fit person and is almost bald, but he still manages to look good.

Jidion’s YouTube career began when he was a teenager and has since grown into one of the most popular YouTubers in the world. He has millions of followers and is known for his hilarious pranks. He has even received recognition from other famous personalities, such as Karl-Anthony Towns and Scottie Barnes. In 2022, JiDion trolled TommyInnit by sneaking into TwitchCon and running over to him. He posted a video of the incident on his YouTube channel, and the footage went viral. He was eventually arrested for causing property damage and pranking, but he was later released on bail.

Although Jidion is a popular YouTuber, he has not revealed any details about his personal life. He is single and does not have a girlfriend. However, he is not shy about expressing his love for his fans. He often cites them as his inspirations and influences. He has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to his craft.

JiDion Weight

JiDion is a popular American YouTuber who has become a global sensation. He is known for his comedic vlogs and trick recordings. He has been featured on a number of popular websites and is a regular on podcasts. He is also known for his social media pranks and celebrity encounters. JiDion has a strong influence on young people and has helped many of his fans overcome their difficulties. He is also a very talented singer and has performed at numerous concerts.

Despite his success, JiDion remains grounded and humble. He has been able to avoid major scandals and maintain a positive image online. He has a large following on all social media platforms and is a frequent guest on popular podcasts. JiDion has a very diverse range of interests and is very creative. His content covers everything from gaming to social commentary and viral videos. He is a very funny guy and has a natural talent for comedy. He is always looking for new ways to make people laugh and is a huge inspiration to others.

His YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and he regularly uploads entertaining content. He has been featured on a number popular podcasts and is a frequent guest on a number of television shows. JiDion is also a talented singer and has a huge following on social media. JiDion was born in Houston, Texas and is an American citizen. He is of mixed ethnicity and follows the Christian religion. He hasn’t disclosed any information about his family or ancestry. He completed his early education from a local high school and later enrolled in a local college. He is very passionate about music and has a unique style of singing that appeals to his audience.

JiDion Body Measurements

JiDion is a popular American YouTuber who has amassed millions of fans and followers. He specializes in comedic vlogging and prank videos. He stands 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 84 kilograms. He has short black hair and dark brown eyes. In addition to vlogging and pranks, JiDion also posts a variety of other content on his channel. He has a wide following on Twitter and Instagram as well. Jidion Adams is a full-time content creator who launched his YouTube channel on July 1, 2018. He mainly uploads videos of him going to public places and messing with people. He has accumulated an incredible subscriber base and massive views on his videos, which have made him one of the top content creators in the United States.

He has collaborated with many other famous YouTubers, including Baylen Levine and Lizzo. He has even played in a charity football match with Sidemen FC. He recently had a funny encounter with NBA star DeMarcus Cousins, which was filmed for his YouTube channel. The young star is a very talented artist who has a unique way of entertaining his viewers. He uses different themes, costumes, and props to make his videos stand out. He is also known for using his musical skills to create original songs. He has released several songs on his channel, including Thick Chicks and Tyrone Cousin.

JiDion was born on December 12, 2000, in Houston, Texas, United States. He is an American by nationality and believes in the Christian religion. He has not revealed much about his family, but he attended Clear Lake High School and graduated from there. He has also enrolled in Harvard, where he attended at least two classes.

JiDion Wiki

JiDion is a popular YouTuber who has gained immense popularity due to his humorous vlogging and prank videos. He is an American by nationality and believes in Christianity religion. He was born on 12 December 2000 and is currently 21 years old. He completed his early education from a local high school in Houston and then enrolled himself in a local university to pursue higher studies. He began his career as a YouTuber in 2018 and started posting various videos on his channel. His video ‘Asking Complete Strangers to Marry Me’ garnered much attention and got him lots of followers. Afterward, he continued uploading prank videos on his channel and they also became quite popular.

In December 2021, JiDion met the NBA star DeMarcus Cousins at a Milwaukee Bucks game and they both took pictures together. He later shared the image on his social media accounts. JiDion’s videos often show him pranking strangers in public places. He even uses the pseudonym “DeMarcus Cousins III” in his videos, which is inspired by the basketball player of the same name. In one of his videos, he even showed that he spent the night in a Paris jail.


Besides that, JiDion has also taken part in various charitable events and has even been featured in some music videos. Moreover, he has a huge fan following on Instagram as well as Twitter. He has millions of followers on both platforms and he regularly updates his fans on his activities through his posts. Moreover, JiDion has his own clothing line with the brand Jidion Merchandise. This enables him to earn a good amount of money. He even collaborates with other renowned YouTubers to create entertaining content.

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