Ag News – Latest News on Crops, Livestock, Machinery and Technology

Ag News - Latest News on Crops, Livestock, Machinery and Technology

Find the latest ag news on crops, livestock, machinery and technology. We also feature updates on farming policy and business. Farmers in Florida’s primary citrus-producing area are losing their annual yield to a combination of bacterial disease and severe weather. CBS News’ Cristian Benavides reports.

New research may help potato plants resist a deadly bacterium that causes worldwide yield losses costing $19 billion per year. Scientists found a way to improve resistance via gene editing.

Crop Updates

Corn, rice and wheat dominate modern diets. But a dark horse holds fourth place in global production: cassava. Researchers have found a way to make the root crop more nutritious and easier to grow.

Farmers across the country face a balancing act, as dry conditions threaten yields while wet soil keeps them from planting. But the USDA crop progress report shows six states are ahead of the five-year average in soybean plantings.

The agriculture giant is taking a new approach to ag technology in 2023. The company is opening a new facility that will serve as its North American home, product launch site and customer and dealer meetings center.

As AI becomes more prevalent in society, experts are wondering how agriculture will utilize the new tool and how quickly adoption might take place. Learn more about the latest in ag AI.

The USDA reminds specialty crop producers that they may be eligible for assistance with food safety certification costs. The program is open for expenses incurred through Jan. 31, 2024.

Livestock Updates

The livestock industry focuses on raising cattle, hogs, and poultry. This section covers topics such as herd health, animal care, and the latest innovations in the industry.

From lab-grown chicken to cricket-derived protein, these alternative foods offer hope for a planet struggling with the environmental and ethical impacts of conventional agriculture.

An Illinois farmer says he’s been forced to slaughter hundreds of his herd due to the nation’s ongoing drought. His story is a reminder of how quickly agriculture can change.

Farmers and ranchers are concerned that a Biden climate agenda will further cripple their economies through inflation and green energy. The agriculture sector has also been affected by rising feed and land prices. These developments and more in this week’s farm news.

Machinery Updates

Agriculture machinery has become an essential need for farmers in the present times. These machines help in increasing the productivity and reducing the labor cost. They are used for multiple purposes like plowing, planting, weeding, harvesting and much more. Some of the important agricultural machines are tractors, combine harvesters and hay balers etc. These machines are available in different sizes and models which suits the needs of the farmers according to their land size.

Agricultural mechanization has become a major component of the industry and is expected to continue to expand over the next few years. The integration of advanced technologies such as GPS solutions and the Internet of Things (IoT) will further boost the industry. The major players in the United States agricultural equipment market include John Deere, CNH Industrial, Kubota Corporation, AGCO Corporation, Titan Machinery Inc., Class and Lindsay Corporation.

The year 2024 will see a number of technological advancements in the agriculture field. These developments will help in boosting crop production and improving the quality of produce. This includes the incorporation of drone technology into agriculture and a shift towards precision farming. Additionally, the growth of alternative energy sources is helping to lower the overall production costs. These innovations will be a boon to the agriculture industry and are likely to revolutionize the way we grow our crops in the future.

Technology Updates

Technology is playing an increasing role in agriculture and food production. From transforming manure into renewable natural gas to developing alternative crops for sustainable farming, the latest tech is making it easier and more affordable to grow and produce the food we need.

Farm automation, or agtech, is one of the biggest emerging trends in agricultural technology. Companies are partnering with traditional agriculture to develop innovations that automate processes like crop or livestock production, allowing humans to focus on other tasks.

From robotic pesticide sprayers to automated greenhouse systems, innovation is afoot in many sectors of the agricultural industry. As the need for labor continues to drive farm owner anxiety, some tech developers are focusing on easing that burden by automating menial tasks and allowing fewer employees to do more work.

The latest agtech solutions are a mix of new products and upgrades to existing equipment. A new combines with a mobile app, a digital soil moisture tool and a tractor with factory-installed GPS technology highlight product intros from John Deere. AGCO also adds a new high-horsepower 9RX tractor to its lineup and updates its AFS Connect and MyPLM Connect platforms.

The latest agricultural technologies are a mixed bag of solutions aimed at addressing issues from drought to crop disease to the impact of climate change on food production. From a microbial solution for nutrient-rich leafy greens to insect-based protein, these developments could help improve the sustainability of our food supply.


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