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Taking place many centuries before the events of Bumblebee, rise of the beasts introduces two new factions to the franchise: the heroic Maximals and the villainous Predacons. This article will explore their role in the film and how it impacts the rest of the series.

Optimus Prime

As the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime is the most important figure in the franchise. He leads with strength, courage and wisdom. He also loves his team like family. Optimus is strict and demanding, but he is always there to help. He is the first to notice if anyone is struggling and does his best to support them. He is a good father figure and someone to look up to.

In the movie, Optimus is reformed and wants to work with humanity to create a better future. He tries to break the cycle of violence that his progenitors started. Unfortunately, the Decepticons are still a threat to Earth and the rest of the universe. Despite this, he still carries out his mission to protect all living things.

He leads a team of ‘bots that includes a giant mechanized gorilla, a cheetah, a rhino, and a bird of prey. The ‘bots are meant to represent the different aspects of humanity. This was a novel approach by director Robert Caple Jr. It allowed Ramos and Fishback to develop their characters as fully dimensional individuals. Unlike the other Transformers movies, this one treats humans as equal participants in the battles rather than as onlookers or victims running helter-skelter.

During the climactic battle in the film, Optimus is forced to choose between his team and the Earth-born Decepticons. He ultimately chooses his team. He is a true hero.

Optimus has a special bond with his team of ‘bots, which he calls the Maximals. He is a wise, loving, and caring leader who treats everyone equally. Optimus is very protective and always tries to keep his team safe. Optimus is also very stubborn.

In the film Transformer, Optimus is trying to stop a shipment of KSI robots from leaving for Japan. During the process, he is pursued by the Terrorcons. During the chase, Optimus uses his Matrix to give himself a ranged weapon. During the battle, he takes down the Terrorcons and saves the KSI HQ. The DVD release of the film will include a number of featurettes that will spotlight the cast, crew, and breathtaking action scenes. It will also contain a deleted scene featuring a brief fight between Optimus and the Cemetery Wind Soldiers.


A new addition to the Transformers franchise, Arcee is a female Autobot with a pink paint job. Like other Autobots, she’s very caring and supportive of her friends, as demonstrated by her reaction to Optimus Prime’s temporary death in the first movie. She also has a tendency to talk a lot, even in vehicle mode. This gives her a unique voice that sets her apart from other Autobots, and I feel that it really makes her stand out as a character in this film.

She’s also pretty smart and witty, which is always a plus in any Transformer. Her role is to help the other Autobots with their missions, but also to keep an eye on the Earth and its inhabitants. She has a special bond with Skids and Mudflap, and is often seen helping them fix their broken parts. She also works with Optimus on their NEST mission in Peru, and is very good at capturing Decepticons, as demonstrated when she pursued Sideways into the Peruvian desert while on bike(s) mode.

Her personality is a mix of caring and sarcastic, which makes her a very good partner for Optimus. She’s also a very skilled pilot, as she proved when she landed her helicopter in the middle of an enemy attack. She’s a very loyal and dedicated friend, which is something that Optimus truly admires about her.

In Rise of the Transformer Beasts, she’s one of the more experienced Autobots, as she was around a few hundred years before Bumblebee arrived on Earth. She is a very powerful force, and she has a great sense of humor that helps keep the other Autobots from getting too down on themselves. She’s also very concerned for her friends and allies, which is why she was so shaken after Bumblebee’s death in the first movie.

Despite some issues, Rise of the Beasts is a solid Transformers movie that proves Bumblebee was not a fluke and that the franchise can still be made well. The action is a bit more grounded than in the Michael Bay films, but there are still some wild explosions and plenty of silly moments that make this a fun summer movie.


The enigmatic Mirage, voiced by Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, is one of the main characters in the new Transformers movie Rise of the Beasts. The new Super Bowl spot for the film focuses on him, but it also includes plenty of clips featuring Optimus Prime and other Autobots. Mirage is the Autobot equivalent of a teenager, and he seems to have more in common with Hamilton actor Anthony Ramos than he does with any other Transformer character. He’s a little more goofy than his fellow Autobots, and he likes to use holograms to disguise himself.

He also has a cocky sense of humor, which is a welcome change from the more serious tone of some of the previous films. While he’s not quite as powerful as Bumblebee or Arcee, he’s a capable leader who can inspire the other Autobots to fight back against the Decepticons. He also has the ability to turn invisible, which makes him a great escape artist.

While the movie may not be as good as Bumblebee, it’s still an entertaining ride. Director Steven Caple Jr. doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but he gives the franchise some much-needed heart with his story about friendship and family. It’s the kind of story that many viewers have been waiting for, and it should be a hit with families.

The movie follows the Autobots — including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Arcee — as they encounter the Maximals, a group of animal-like robots who can transform into various vehicles. These creatures are led by Optimus Primal (Ron Perlman), and they warn the Autobots that an ancient war between the Predacons and Terrorcons is threatening Earth.

The Autobots Transformer, along with the Maximals and the Predacons, must find a way to stop the war from destroying their home planet. The movie features high-octane action and special effects, but it doesn’t go overboard with explosions or long stretches of slow-motion action. Fans will be glad to see the franchise move away from Michael Bay’s clumsy direction and focus on a more emotional story.


As is par for the course with film series based on toys, the Transformers movies always bring in a variety of new characters to help tell their stories and sell merchandise. While most of these characters are created specifically for the films they appear in, some are repurposed from previous installments or even other franchises. Noah, for instance, was first introduced in Bumblebee, and he appears here as the leader of the Maximals.

While his story isn’t as involving as the others, Noah is an important part of Rise of the Beasts. He’s an ex-military electronics expert living in 1994 Brooklyn who accidentally becomes entangled in the ancient conflict between the Autobots and the Terrorcons, robots that transform into animal forms. He and Elena Wallace (Dominique Fishback) are both tasked with finding the Transwarp Key, an artifact that can help the Maximals return home to their planet, Cybertron, and end Unicron’s war.

The accidental activation of the Transwarp Key draws the attention of Optimus Prime and the other Autobots, who have been stranded on Earth since their evacuation from Cybertron. The Autobot leader is convinced that the relic can return them to their home world and end the war with the Decepticons. He orders Arcee, Bumblebee, and Mirage to meet him at the museum and enlists Noah to steal the item for them. During the battle, the artifact’s activation wakes up an inert Energon grave where the relic was kept. The key’s activation also resurrects the wounded Mirage, who is able to use his body parts to build combat armor for Noah and a powered exo-suit for himself.

Mirage and Noah quickly become fire-forged friends, forming an alliance that helps the Maximals and Autobots turn the tide of the war. The comradery between the two characters is one of the movie’s most compelling aspects, and it’s easy to see why both Optimus and Elena trust their lives with them.

It’s a shame that Rise of the Beasts doesn’t put more emphasis on the human / alien robot friendship dynamic that the movie seems to be trying to establish. Although Fishback is a fine choice for Elena, her character often feels like an afterthought and is saddled with too many exposition-heavy scenes. In the meantime, Ramos shines as a stoic hero and a genuinely funny comedy performer.


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