The Biggest Hair Color Trends for Fall

The Biggest Hair Color Trends for Fall

Hair Color?

Celebrity colorists are predicting that warm, rich hues will dominate this fall. From creamy blondes to caramel bronde and rich brunettes with subtle seamless highlights, these colors will take your mane to new heights. Read more about the Hair Color.

This monochromatic brown shade resembles the earthy mushroom tone that many celebrities wear and is perfect for anyone who wants to lighten up without going too bright or bleached out. Plus, it looks great with natural strands and requires only a monthly hair gloss touch-up.

1. Chestnut Brown

For brunettes who aren’t quite ready to go blonde, chestnut brown is the next best thing. This warm color is rich, versatile, and flattering on all skin tones. It’s also an excellent choice for brunettes who want to add a hint of red to their look without bleaching their entire mane. Celebs like Janet Mock, Lucy Liu, and Priyanka Chopra have all rocked this beautiful shade, making it easy to see why it’s a fall fave.

The newest way to wear this color is with a softer take on the ombre trend. Instead of fading into blonde, ask your colorist to slowly transition your base color into chestnut brown for a gorgeous, subtle change. The result is an effortless ombré that looks incredibly natural and elegant.

Another way to play with this fall hair color trend is with a face-framing balayage of different dark shades. Your stylist will blend a mix of varying chestnut browns and dirty blonde pieces to create a rich, lived-in color that looks beautiful on any length. This highlighting technique is ideal for clients who want to try out a new color but don’t feel up for a drastic transformation.

If you’re looking for a more permanent update, your stylist can always add in some deeper auburn or burgundy highlights to give your chestnut brown look some extra drama. These warm tones will enhance your dark strands and give them a luscious, vibrant glow. Just make sure to bring a photo of your desired look to your appointment so that you and your colorist have an idea of what you’re going for. And don’t forget to use a demi-permanent dye for 20-24 shampoos to keep your color looking fresh.

2. Caramel Highlights

If you’re a brunette who is tired of your buttery blonde hue or just want to give it a fall twist, caramel highlights are the way to go. This warm color works for all hair types, but it’s especially nourishing on dark tones. “Browns can be difficult to maintain,” says Maxine Salon colorist Lorena Valdes, but a rich caramel shade like this one helps create a smooth transition between your roots and your ends. This luscious hue looks great on any length, from long bobs to classy undercut pixies. Know all about the The Biggest Hair Color Trends for Fall.

Caramel hair highlights also work on blondes, giving your strands a bit of a sun-kissed look without the risk of going too light. The best part about this trend is that you can play with the hue’s intensity—from a subtle cascade of caramel babylights to an all-over dark caramel. “Try it on a lighter hue like a beachy blonde to add a subtle caramel glow or as a highlight in your darker shade for a more dramatic effect,” Valdes explains.

Another great option is a rich caramel mocha, which is perfect for brunettes who love to play with color but aren’t ready to commit to a full head of brown. “A melted caramel ombré is a chic way to update your color for the season,” Valdes says. This look begins with a milk chocolate hue at the roots and melts into a gorgeous darker caramel, highlighting a natural-looking color transition.

A rich caramel hue can also be a beautiful all-over shade, such as this gorgeous bob by hairstylist Johnny Ramirez. The chestnut-colored strands are accentuated by piecey blonde and caramel highlights, resulting in a layered and beautifully texturized style that’s ideal for any autumn occasion.

3. Dirty Blonde

With the season shifting towards darker shades, those with lighter hues will likely want to darken their hair a bit, too. If a client wants to maintain the brightness they’ve grown accustomed to this summer but still look stylish for fall, consider incorporating a few balayage highlights in their locks. “This is the quickest way to change up your color without taking too much out of your base,” says Korab. The key to this style is to have your colorist focus on “money pieces,” which are the flattering strands that frame your face.

You’ll often see influencers with long wavy hair paired with strawberry or rose blonde highlights, as it flatters their warm skin tone, but brunettes can also try this look. The trick is to opt for dark brunette with a warm, rich golden shade of highlight. “If you go too brassy, it’s not going to work,” Korab warns. “You need to balance it out with the lowlights.”

Rather than bleaching your whole head of blonde and then adding strawberry or rose highlights, try lightening your base hair slightly then highlighting it with a brown shade that’s lighter than your roots. This creates a natural-looking contrast that brightens your face while simultaneously making your hair look thicker and fuller. This technique is perfect for anyone with fine or thin strands, as it’ll help them look more voluminous and healthy.

Aside from blondes, any dimensional brunette shade will be in high demand this fall. A good example is what Aaron Bradford, a New York City-based colorist at Cedric Salon, refers to as “Chocolate Silk.” This is a deep chocolate-colored base with ribbons of golden-brown balayage throughout the length. It’s the most natural-looking, believable brunette hue that’s suitable for any brunette and it looks even more elegant with the addition of subtle highlights, Korab notes.

4. Barbiecore

As the summer comes to a close and the anticipation of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie reaches a fever pitch, the fashion world has been going pink. Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli’s flamboyantly pink PP Collection at fashion week last fall is largely credited for kickstarting the trend, which then spread to red carpets and Instagram feeds, with celebrities including Anne Hathway, Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling spotted in head-to-toe rose-tinted looks.

But the pink obsession goes beyond just Barbie-approved shades: It’s all about embracing a playful, feminine aesthetic that’s unapologetic and fun. Think matching sets in candy-colored hues, millennial-inspired floral prints, and monochromatic pastels that feel as dreamy and feminine as the doll herself.

If a full-on Barbie pink restyle isn’t your thing, try incorporating the color through hair accessories or highlights. “I love the idea of bringing in a touch of fashion color to accentuate your existing shade,” says Aveda’s North America Artistic Director for Hair Color Luis Gonzalez. He suggests adding a few drops of emerald or saturated blue to dark brunettes for an instant pop; tangerine or coral shades for redheads; and lilac, lavender, or periwinkle to blondes.

But if you want to take on the Barbiecore trend and make it your own, consider going all-out with a bold, bright Barbie blonde. “It’s one of my favorite colors to do because it can be really beautiful,” says Arizona-based stylist Linh Phan. “And it’s great for blondes because you can play with the many different facets and tones of the Barbie color palette.” For example, Phan recommends mixing purples, pinks, or blues into your bleached blonde base to achieve the look of oil slicks on asphalt.

5. Monochrome Brown

It’s a common misconception that brunettes are limited when it comes to hair color options. However, there are plenty of fall-perfect hues that work for dark strands. This season, it’s all about rich, earth-inspired shades that give off a warm, cozy vibe.

One example is a gingerbread latte hue, which is perfect for brunettes with darker skin tones. Another is a mono carbon shade, which is like the black of hair colors—only more rich and luxurious. “It looks amazing on dark brunettes with golden undertones and complements any skin tone,” says Gibson. And finally, there’s the oil-slick hair trend, which incorporates a range of colors like purples, blues, pinks, and greens for an eye-catching look that resembles the way light hits oil on pavement. (Just make sure to use a professional colorist for this trend to prevent damage to strands.)

Those who want a more subtle approach can opt for a chocolate silk hair color. It’s a deep brown base with ribbons of golden-brown baby balayage that add a natural, dimensional look. “This color is perfect for brunettes who want a more classic look with less maintenance,” says stylist Aaron Bradford. And for those looking to go a little more daring, there’s always the copper shade. It’s reminiscent of autumn leaves and those gorgeous sunsets we all love, but it also suits cool complexions like Winona Ryder’s.

If you’re ready for a major change, try a power red hue that’s inspired by autumnal shades like burgundy or merlot. This rich shade works for a wide range of skin tones and can even be done with low-maintenance highlights, like Lola Tung’s. All you need to do is apply a hair gloss once a month to keep the shade looking vibrant.


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