Find The Perfect Nail Treatment For Your Needs At Sugarcoat Nails—How?


There’s a lot more to nail salon visits than picking out the perfect polish color or finding a cool nail shape that suits your hands. You need to consider your overall nail health, too. Kandalec at Sugarcoat recommends a dry manicure over one that requires soaking, as the soaking swells the nails and causes the polish to chip. She also recommends this cuticle oil with ingredients like shea, jojoba, and apricot oils.

The nail salon experts at Sugarcoat believe that beauty should be an experience and a relaxing one at that. Their customers can choose from a wide range of premium treatments, all of which are performed with precision and care by the salon’s expert team. This salon is known for its cleanliness and customer service. Their customers can easily schedule appointments online or via text and are escorted directly to their seats so they can relax and enjoy their treatment. The technicians at this salon are trained to ensure the health and safety of their clients and staff by implementing rigorous hygiene standards and procedures. They sanitize their tools and surfaces on a regular basis, which helps to prevent the spread of any contaminants. They also use clean air filtration technology to guarantee a healthy environment for their team and customers according to

Located in Meridian, Sugarcoat Nail Studio is a premier nail and beauty bar that is known for its exceptional service and skills. Customers can enjoy a range of premium treatments, including manicures and pedicures. The salon offers a variety of styles to suit any taste, from natural-looking nails to bold statement looks. The salon also offers waxing and lash extension services. The Shellac nail polish is a hybrid of traditional polish and gel, which helps to protect weak and brittle nails. It also resists color distortion and fading and is extremely durable, lasting up to 14 days of wear.

Lippmann and Dunne recommend a Shellac manicure every two weeks to ensure a beautiful finish that lasts, as well as taking breaks from this type of treatment to give your natural nails a chance to recover. It’s important to properly care for your nails when wearing Shellac, including moisturizing and avoiding harsh chemicals like bleach and washing up liquids. The best part is that Shellac nail polish dries quickly when exposed to UV light, and it’s easy to remove with CND’s specially formulated remover, which doesn’t dry the nails or cuticles. Simply saturate a cotton pad with the remover, place it on each nail, and wrap them in foil. Then, after 10 minutes, the polish will come off effortlessly. Avoid trying to peel off your Shellac manicure, as it can cause damage to the natural nails and cuticles. Gel nail polish is similar to traditional nail polish but is a bit more long-lasting. It is odorless and cured under an LED light to harden. This helps to protect natural nails, keeping them strong and healthy so they can grow.

Gel polishes contain monomers and photoinitiators that are exposed to specific wavelengths of UV or LED light to cause the chemical reaction that creates a solid gel. The curing process also helps to reduce the risk of infection and promote a healthier nail. Unlike acrylic nails, gel manicures do not damage the nail plate when removed correctly. However, when a person peels off their gel manicure without properly soaking it off the nail, they can damage the top layers of the natural nail plate and lead to brittle and weak nails at Sugarcoat.

At Sugarcoat, Gibson Tuttle encourages patrons to always seek out a nail salon that is dedicated to strict hygiene standards. They should have a comprehensive infection control protocol in place and sanitize and disinfect all surfaces and tools on a regular basis to prevent contamination. Often referred to as “healthy” manicures, SNS nails are a popular treatment that can be applied over natural nails or tips. The coloured dipping powder contains nail-fortifying calcium and vitamin E so that it doesn’t wear off as quickly as regular polish does.

A base coat is brushed on, and the fingernails are dipped into the coloured powder. Any excess is then brushed away and a topcoat is applied. As an alternative to gel, SNS does not require UV light for curing, which is beneficial if you are concerned about the effects of excessive UV exposure on your skin and nails. However, some people find that SNS doesn’t look as natural or healthy as gel and acrylic nails. And, they can be more difficult to remove because you need to soak your nails in acetone, which may dry out your real nails. This can cause them to appear brittle or damaged, even after the removal process is completed. Some people also dislike the smell of the dipping powder. This can be a problem if you have a sensitive nose or are not comfortable with the sharing of communal pots of nail powder. Feel free to click here at

Acrylics at Sugarcoat iis the products that nail techs use to add length to a natural fingernail. They are a powder mixed with a monomer liquid that, when combined, creates a hardened resin. The monomer is usually a combination of ethyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate and is typically colored with dye or pigment. MMA is actually banned by the FDA in its liquid monomer form, but it is not when used as a polymer. Techs mix the liquid and monomer together to make a polymerized monomer, which is then poured over little beads of color or glitter. The beads of powder will then bond to the monomer, creating the acrylic nail. The nail will then be brushed with an activator, which is usually benzoyl peroxide. Once the nails are dry, a tech will place an artificial nail tip on each finger. She will then put a layer of primer on the nail, which gets rid of excess oil and moisture that would interfere with the effectiveness of the acrylic glue.


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