Exploring the Allure and Practicality of Viko Yachts: A Comprehensive Review

Exploring the Allure and Practicality of Viko Yachts: A Comprehensive Review

Viko yachts S35 model captivates both in appearance and functionality, embodying elegance in its design, meticulous lamination, and impeccable gel coat finish. Crafted with an interior showcasing American oak veneer complemented by integrated LED lighting, the vessel exudes a sophisticated ambiance that resonates with discerning sailors.

However, a closer inspection reveals minor imperfections such as loosely fitted cabinets and cabin doors prone to rattling. Despite these nuances, the S35 presents an opportunity for owners to enhance the vessel through simple detailing tasks, promising an affordable endeavor for those with basic skills and time to spare.

The showcased model boasts optional features, including a dual-wheel setup, with the standard configuration offering a single wheel. Upgrades such as larger winches, a more powerful engine, and additional batteries are available, catering to individual preferences and sailing needs. Equipped with Lewmar 30 winches and a Yanmar 15hp engine as standard, the S35 includes a Dacron semi-batten mainsail and genoa, though many opt for higher-powered engines for enhanced performance.

Ventilation is well-considered with strategically placed hatches, contributing to a comfortable onboard experience. While the sail hardware appears adequate for coastal sailing, it may lack the robustness desired for more demanding conditions.

The hull design, credited to Sergio Lupoli yacht design, promises excellent sailing performance, thanks to a favorable ballast-to-displacement ratio. Despite its strengths, the interior layout may pose challenges, particularly in the aft cabins, which suffer from limited space and headroom due to the deep cockpit design.

Viko offers flexibility in cabin configurations, with the two-cabin layout providing a more spacious interior, albeit with sacrifices in storage capacity. The standing height throughout the boat is generous, complemented by practical storage solutions in the galley and cabin areas.

Outdoor storage, while sufficient for shorter cruises, may prove inadequate for extended voyages, especially on the three-cabin version. However, the two-cabin variant optimizes storage space, maximizing utility without compromising on comfort.

Viko’s commitment to quality is evident in their focused approach to yacht production, ensuring each vessel maintains a balance between affordability and craftsmanship. By prioritizing consistency and dedication throughout the manufacturing process, Viko Yachts delivers a compelling option for sailors seeking performance, comfort, and value.


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